This is a questionnaire for the IntegrART project participants. There are 35 multiple choice questions in this survey. The answers will be used to conduct participants' needs analysis. 

Thank you so much for participating!

Questionaire for Participant

We will send you the final report
Your employment situation refers to the answer you gave in a previous question (either in paid work, in school, unemployed, permanently sick or disabled, retired, in the military, in community service, doing unpaid housework, looking after children or it

30. In your opinion, how important or not is the role of each of the following actors for the successful integration of immigrants?

31. People have different views concerning what it means to be well-integrated into [Polish/ Norwegian/ Dutch] society. How important is each of the following for successful integration in your opinion?

34. To what extent does the following statement apply to you?

35. Please evaluate your own digital skills. How confident do you feel: