Working Session


Today, another Integrart project meeting took place. Linking Foundation, together with, discussed the design of the project website and the plan for the next few months.
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In-person meeting in Poland


On the 16th and 17th of February, we organized a two-day transnational meeting in Tarnow, Poland. We spent quality time together, assessed the progress of the Integrart project and planned the next steps. We also talked about the financial aspects of the project and ate some traditional polish food
It was great to see everyone in person for the first time!

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Project Partner Meeting


Another productive Integrart meeting We discussed the progress so far and decided to meet in person in January. Exciting!

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#IntegrART #ErasmusPlus

Another Project Meeting!


Get a sneak peek at another "IntegrART" working session! On the 4th of November, partners met to discuss the action plan and the progress so far. We have agreed on what's next to come and dove into the details of the project.

#ECWT #SMRTBIO #LinkingFoundation
#IntegrART #ErasmusPlus

Project Meeting


Bilateral video-calls with IntegrART project partners. Working on templates for comparative desktop analysis/interviews and integrating with project website.

"IntegrART" working session.


On the 6th of October the "IntegrART" Partnership met online again. Partners from Norway (#ECWT), Netherlands (#SMRTBIO) and Poland (#LinkingFoundation) discussed and planed intellectual outputs, dissemination and project administration.

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Kick off meeting


The Kick-off meeting of INTEGRART Project (21.06.2021)